IMS Quantum Corporation is your resource for Industrial Number Crushing---Yes, CRUSHING!!

IMS Quantum Corporation will take your organization far beyond Enterprise Accounting Systems. FAR BEYOND!! The new frontier is not about capturing numbers or making numbers available instantly but about the MEANING OF NUMBERS. Take your business to the next level.

IMS Quantum uses numbers to help upper-level management find clear and rational objectives in the midst of turbulent environments.

IMS Quantum provides tools that make sense of complexity by giving meaning to the mountains of numbers available.

IMS Quantum provides corporate management with tools to direct a firm's strategic and tactical decisions in the context of major advances in information technology. Don't fly by the seat of your pants. Get the right instruments.

IMS Quantum provides management with tools to share critical information, to focus dialogue and to develop creative strategies for success.

IMS Quantum provides the rationale for collecting, searching for, and reporting all information that management uses to understand current conditions and to plan future strategies.

IMS Quantum provides tools that allow precise coordination of activities.

IMS Quantum gives top management the instruments to achieve new heights of corporate intelligence. At issue is not only What are the right answers but more importantly, what are the right questions?

IMS Quantum turns corporate knowledge into a corporate asset. Don't let the loss of key people influence the flow of "business as usual."

IMS Quantum provides Integrated Management Solutions that become keys to unlock successful strategies in a complex business environment. We are Corporate Cartographers - Strategic Pipe Fitters - Managerial Tool and Die Makers - Business Instrument Builders.

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