Heyward & Associates  

Heyward and Associates (currently Heyward Woodrum Fant and Associates) was a small architectural firm in Columbia, South Carolina that specialized in residential, educational and airport design and construction management. They were just making the transition from manual drafting and accounting to Computer Aided Design and from manual ledger accounting to computer-based accounting. They needed some assistance with CAD file organization and desired a custom computer accounting system that emulated their manual ledger system.

 Managerial Accounting

IMS Quantum was engaged to create an accounting system that emulated the manual books then in use but which allowed the firm to take advantage of computer efficiencies. The need for a custom system required a complete review of the chart of accounts and accounting procedures, including accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. The system then followed standard accounting procedures to accomplish clear audit trails and a set of financial reports that served the need of the client at that stage of their evolution. This simple system is still in use.


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